Procedure for buying property in Spain

  1. Selecting an object in Spain (about 3-4 days to see all the interesting options)
  2. Signing of the preliminary contract with the real estate with the seller and entering of the pledge, that the object was removed from sale. In this agreement, the final date of transaction transactions is specified. This is usually three months from the date of deposit. The collateral is, as a rule, 3 thousand euros.
  3. Examination of documents of property rights of our lawyers.
  4. Obtaining NIE is the foreigner identification number (read more NIE).
  5. Opening an account with the Spanish bank (read more Account in a Spanish bank).
  6. Preparation and submission of documents for mortgages to the Spanish bank, if necessary. (read more Mortgage in Spain).
  7. Conclusion of the transaction at the notary (read more Insurance of the transaction).
  8. Registration of the transaction in the cadastre. After registering a transaction in the Cadastre, which deals with a notary, the buyer is considered the legal owner of the acquired property.