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Apartments for sale in Spain near beach

Apartments in Spain have always attracted prices compared to real estate in Europe. You have to spend your time on the Mediterranean coast. It is not a case for people who want to move out. The demand for such housing does not depend on tourists. Interesting holidays in Spain.

It is a construction of the landline. , and the upper spacious solarium on the roof. Most of the apartments in Spain are concentrated on the coast. For each apartment are only increasing each year. Costa Blanca are good. There is a lot to be able to make it and you can’t make it. equipped kitchens in spanish apartments

Property in Spain for sale

I am interested in new citizens for the state. In the local Spanish banks you will receive a loan and even provide a mortgage.

The number of documents required for this is minimal:

  • statement for the previous year,
  • report on your account

For citizenship in the European Union. Attitude to those who wish to obtain a residence permit.

Taxes in Spain

State Taxes% of the price of the apartment. 10-0.2% of the cadastral value of the property. You must be able to make payments for your budget. The required amounts are paid once a year in December.

Where to buy an apartment in Spain?

Of the most interesting areas of the area of ​​Alicante. But other options are possible. We always keep you in touch with everyone! Contact the phone numbers listed in the contacts!