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Bungalow in Spain by the sea

Are you planning to buy real estate in Europe for recreation, or maybe for moving to a permanent place of residence? Do you need something that is not in your country? What will make it possible to completely change the situation during each vacation trip, getting into a completely different world?

Beautiful option - bungalow in spain by the sea! The bungalow is an apartment in a two-story house with a large veranda, flat roof and adjoining plot of land. On the ground floor the property has its own plot of land - a garden, the bungalow on the top floor always has a solarium.

The average annual temperature in Spain is 20 degrees of heat, the number of sunny days per year varies from 290 to 325, so on the terrace in Spain you can arrange a dining area, and many prefer to sunbathe on the solarium, you can make a summer kitchen, barbecue, put a Jacuzzi.

We list the benefits that our customers receive who decide buy bungalow in spain:

  1. Lifetime opportunity to relax for free on the seashore in a country with a mild climate conducive to the restoration of health. You will no longer depend on travel companies and hotels, as well as on the amount of money available on vacation. At any time, you or your family members can go to the sea.

  2. Annual multivisa, including for family members of the owner of the property. It gives the right to live in Spain 180 days per year (90 days in each half year), as well as the opportunity to visit all the countries of the Schengen zone.

  3. You securely invest, entrusting them to a European country. Bungalow in Spain will always be a sought-after and liquid asset.

To purchase a bungalow you can take a mortgage loan. On Property in Spain even for foreigners very low rates are offered: about 2,8-3,5% per annum. As a result, the mortgage payment will be less than when buying a home of similar value in your country.