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Bungalow in Spain on the Costa Blanca

If you are a resident of the country? Do you need something that’s not in your country? What is the situation during each trip, getting into a completely different world?

Excellent option- bungalows in spainbeach! Large flat roof and adjacent land plot. There is a land plot on the ground floor, bungalow on the ground floor.

It can be seen that it can be a little bit more than a day. summer kitchen, BBQ, put a jacuzzi.

Our customers, who decide to buy bungalows in Spain, receive:

  1. A life of peace and freedom. You can no longer depend on the amount of money available. At any moment you can go to the sea.

  2. Annual Multitiza, including members of the property owner. It makes it possible for them to take a place in the Schengen area.

  3. You will invest securely in their European country. Bungalows in Spain will always be a demanded and liquid asset.

To buy a bungalow you can take a mortgage loan. For Real estate in Spain even for foreigners are 2.8-3.5% per annum. If you are buying a house of