New buildings in Spain on the seashore of Costa Blanca

new buildings in Spain -an opportunity to buy quality housing in the best areas of the country and successful investment in real estate. In Spain you want to stay for a long time: personal housing in a new house will help to do it with maximum comfort.

Characteristics of new property in Spain

New homes are built with the necessary technology. The most common variant of the new apartments is a three-room apartment with two bedrooms. The kitchen is most often combined with the living room. Often there are options with terraces, large dressing rooms and spacious bathrooms. Apartments are put into operation with finished repair. Elite Housing is sold “turnkey”: Here you can live right after the purchase or rent. Sometimes for an additional fee the developer can equip the apartment in accordance with the requirements of buyers.

new property in Spain is located in areas with well-developed infrastructure: there will be no difficulties with kindergartens, schools, shops, polyclinics and other socially significant objects. In many courtyards of multi-storey houses there is a swimming pool, underground parking, landscaped recreation area, children’s playgrounds. The farther the housing is removed from the coastline, the more attractive options are offered by developers.

The price of real estate in Spain depends on the remoteness of the object from the sea, the category of accommodation (Standard or Elite Class), the exterior of houses, the improvement of the yard and the infrastructure of the area.

Advantages of new buildings in Spain

To buy overseas housing more and more often choose Spain. There are certain reasons for this: wonderful climate, stable political and economic situation, picturesque landscapes, rich cultural heritage. Apartments in new buildings in Spain have important advantages:

  • Spacious modern layout;
  • Availability of garage places, storage rooms, places for rest;
  • Availability of options with full finishing, plumbing, necessary furniture;
  • Location in landscaped area: The best option for families with children;
  • There is a pool in the yard of the house.

Prices for new buildings are constantly growing, so making a purchase right now, you will get a significant benefit from the sale of real estate in the future. Traditionally, the most popular are apartments in new modern homes.