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Real estate insurance

Congratulations, you have become a happy owner of real estate in Spain! Ahead is an unforgettable time to enjoy the sea, the sun, the best delicacies and traditions of a hospitable country! In a kaleidoscope of new experiences, do not forget to think about the important issue of insuring your new apartment, villa or bungalow.

Is it obligatory to insure real estate in the Spanish Kingdom, you may ask. We answer in the affirmative. Unfortunately, even in the safest areas there are water leaks, short circuits, fires, flooding, smoke, theft and natural disasters, and it is difficult to overestimate the reliable protection against possible risks in the form of an insurance contract.

Lenovaz Agency will help with consultation, as well as choosing the optimal insurer and the format of the insurance contract! In the event of an insured event, you will only need to contact an agent who will reliably assess the level of damage and take care of the repair.

The sum insured, especially when recalculating the payment for each month, will seem modest, but the availability of insurance will help to save significant financial resources and, most importantly, your nerves!


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