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Enrollment in Spanish schools

If you have decided to move to sunny Spain with your children, at some point the question will appear, what to do with education. Choose a school, learn a language, integrate into a new team, it may seem that there are more questions than answers.

Thanks to many years of successful work experience, Lenovaz agency will be happy to help you in this difficult, but such an important issue. Education in Spanish schools has many undeniable advantages, and the schools in Spain are very different from what we are used to:

  • After graduating from a Spanish school, your child can enroll in any university in the world, precisely because the high school diploma issued in Spain will be recognized anywhere in the world.
  • Learning in a foreign language is often given to children of any age very easily, and as a bonus, the child immediately learns a new language of communication. & nbsp; Most often, instruction is in Spanish, but you can choose a private school with the main language of instruction in English, French, German or another language of instruction.
  • The program always provides for a high-quality study of several foreign languages, which will help your baby grow even more erudite and in demand in the modern world.
  • Safety in all schools is top notch.
  • Often children from different countries study in classes, which makes communication between them as interesting and informative as possible.
  • And just look into the burning eyes of Spanish schoolchildren to understand that school for them is not boring lessons at all, but a whole cognitive world with quests, entertainment, activities and entertaining games. Every morning children wake up and rush to school with great pleasure.

We will help you at all stages - from choosing a school to the moment a child enrolls in a new class.

All you need is to take care of the complete set of documents:

  • 2 photos 3 cm x 4 cm.
  • Registration in Spain (Issued at the local Ayuntamiento).
  • Copies of valid international passports of parents and child.
  • A copy of the child's birth certificate with a legalized translation into Spanish.
  • Copies of NIE parents. ( read more )
  • Vaccination card and certificate from a pediatrician in Spain.

The happiness of children is priceless, because the decision to study in Spain can be equated to an investment in the successful future of your child.

Lenovaz employees will answer all questions and provide additional information.


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